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It’s Been Real Girl Gone Geek is 6 years, 3 months and 23 days old. I’ve published 626 posts since the day I’ve started it. This is my last one. Girl Gone Geek Blog is the Caterpie of my evolution as a writer. I’ve grown a lot and decided it’s time for me to finally accept my transition to Metapod. (Please note that I’m much more of a Psyduck, but for the sake of the metaphor I stuck with the Caterpie evolution.) Thanks to GGG I found my voice, made amazing friends and had life-changing experiences. When I created Straight…

When Silence Is Self-Care In Comics Culture

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I. Self-Care in Silence I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’ve grown quieter about comics over the last few months. After my speech this past November at UNLV, I felt empty. But even when I regained strength I remained quiet. Was I uninspired? Was I being lazy? Whether I couldn’t really tell, or I wasn’t being honest with myself, it took reading Kim O’Connor’s Don’t Be a Dick: Tips and Tricks for How to Talk About Comics piece on Comics and Cola for the reason to become clear to me: I’m writing today because I think I know the…

Not Lost in Space: A Love Letter to My Internet & IRL Friends

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becca hyman art

[Art by Becca Hyman from her Peppermint Gun Comic] Last Saturday, I attended the 4th Annual Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center in Harlem. The Center was packed with over 5,000 (mostly) black and brown folks of all ages. I love attending events like these because, to quote my friend Cynthia, “It feels like a family reunion.” It was beautiful. I found a group of amazing black and brown folks who are kind, creative and passionate. Not only do we share a love for comics, games and anime, but also have the shared experience of being a PoC in an oppressive world. Some of…

Self-Care Tips for fans of Geek Culture



Art by Myles Rowser I’ve come down with a case of being too woke and it’s starting to take a toll on both my mental and physical health. I’ve seen a lot of articles talk about self-care in relation to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other oppressed communities and I think it’s important to take some of those self-care tips and apply it to the –isms and –phobias we also experience in geek culture. Here are a few ways we can survive in a culture that’s sometimes hostile: Find Your Community One of the most important things for you to do…

On Presenting at UNLV and Chaos Emeralds



On Presenting at UNLV… In October, I was asked to present about diversity in geek culture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In November, I did just that. When I first read the email from the Multicultural Program Coordinator at UNLV I thought it was a scam. It was so unbelievable. She said she was working with the Students Organizing Diversity Activities (SODA) and they wanted to bring me in as a speaker for their upcoming event called Uncensored on November 12th. I’ve been on podcasts and panels, but I never did something like this before. In fact, I…

New York Comic Con 2015: Gimmie The Loot

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Here are all of the goodies that I got from NYCC. This post was half done a month ago but life has been kinda crazy so better late than never as they say! The Divine  “The Divine is a fast-paced, brutal, and breathlessly beautiful portrait of a world where ancient powers vie with modern warfare and nobody escapes unscathed. (via Amazon)” This is a perfect example of why you should judge a book by its cover. (I bought this from the Kinokuniya booth along with Virgil.) Eliza Frye  Her art made me stop in my tracks! Virgil “Betrayed, beaten, and banished…

New York Comic Con 2015: Cosplay Roundup

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Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop Cosplay Y’all are probably sick of seeing my femme Spike cosplay, but I’m not sick of wearing it. Any chance I get to pretend to be as cool as Spike Spiegel I’m going to take it. This cosplay was made by the very talented Stefánia Ágoston of Ticci Rockabilly. I wore this to the Fanbros: Crossplay Cosplay Contest and Party where I was one of the judges. Fanbros are the homies; I love their podcast and they are some of my favorite geek peeps. Check them out! Neon Genesis Evangelion… Sweatshirt I needed a day of rest from cosplaying…

FlameCon’s ‘Transgender Themes In Geek Culture’ Panel

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Art by Lawrence Gullo

I attended (and loved) NYC’s first LGBTQ Comic Con, FlameCon! It took place during Pride Month on June 13th at the fancy Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn. Geeks OUT presented the con, which is a NYC based nonprofit dedicated to building a better community for LGBTQ geeks. For more about FlameCon read my recap and check out the amazing cosplay. My favorite panel at Flamecon was Secret Identities: Transgender Themes In Geek Culture. It was moderated by Charles Battersby (Astonishing Adventures) and the panelist included Jennie Wood (Flutter), Lawrence Gullo (Baritaria), P. Kristen Enos (Web of Lives) and Marguerite Bennett…

Adorable & Geeky Amigurumi Giveaway

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Jamila_Girl_Gone_Geek_Loiies_Loops_Aang_The_Last_Airbender_ crochet_ amigurumi_3_small

I don’t do giveaways often, but when I saw Louie’s Loops crocheted cuties I couldn’t resist! It was hard to pick just one mini doll to review but I had to go with Aang. I’m in the process of finishing Avatar: The Last Airbender and I think the show is perfect. The knitting is tight which makes it durable and perfect for a keychain. Although the shape of Louie’s little pod people are similar, he manages to make them all clearly distinguishable and extra adorable. Enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page for a chance to win a Louie’s Loops amigurumi doll of…

The Steven Universe Gems and their Metaphysical Properties

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It was midnight and I was in bed thinking about Steven Universe, as one does, and I began to wonder if there was a connection between the Gems in SU and the metaphysical properties of gemstones. I know I’m not the first fan to think of this, in fact, the Steven Universe Wikia lists Gem properties at the bottom of their profiles and makes note of any similarities. However, after digging deeper (he he) I noticed there are more connections than they mentioned. I’m not very knowledgable in “healing gems” and I don’t necessarily believe/not believe in their powers, but I found…