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I first saw these Novel-T shirts on Gaming Angels and I fell in love!  Novel-T’s are jersey’s for the all-stars of literature.  There are two teams, the American Canons and the National Puncs.  They have either the author or a character’s name on the back, and an image associated with that author/character.  The shirts cost $24.95 and are made in Brooklyn.  You can order them here and they are available at select Borders Bookstore locations.  Also $1 of every Vonnegut or Trout shirt sold is donated by Novel-T to Doctors Without Borders and  $1 of every other shirt sold is donated by Novel-T to 826NYC.

My favorites are Poe (with the Raven),  Thoreau, Quixote and Gatsby.  I think the Bartleby and Emily Dickinson shirts are funny.  I also think they could have picked a much better image for Alice in Wonderland than a cupcake.  I will probably get one in the future if I can narrow my choice down to one.  I hope they do more of these!  Check out the Novel-T website to see all of the shirts I put a few more I liked in the slideshow below.

What team are you on?

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3 thoughts on “Novel-T: Shirts for Lit Lovers”

  1. Beth - August 9, 2010 10:42 am

    Those are great shirts! Thanks for posting the link.
    I like the National Puncs (particularly the Gatsby one), but all of the shirts are brilliant. :D

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