27 Pieces of Portal (the Video Game) Jewelry

Jewelry Sci-fi/ Cyberpunk Videogames Wear

After constantly coming across Portal jewelry on the internet, I took it as a sign from the all mighty Blog God that I should gather the best (and practically all) Portal video game jewelry out there. And by “out there” I mean on Etsy, ’cause I love Etsy.

This is where I should probably go on about how utterly amazing Portal is, but you already know that. If you don’t know, and haven’t played Portal before well then I urge you to take a long hard look at the choices you’ve made in your life.

PS- Gamer girls, you’re welcome.

Think with Portals

Five Portal Danger Level Icons Necklace- Laser Cut Stacked Acrylic Pendant (each icon can be made into individual necklace)- By LicketyCut

The Original Portal earrings laser cut acrylicBy SVJewellery

Laser cut acrylic Portal stud earrings- By SVJewellery

Laser cut acrylic Portal friendship necklace set- By SVJewellery

Portal Necklace Gaming Geeky- by priestessalem

Portal Ring Game Geek- By priestessalem

Orange or Blue Pair of Portal Earrings and Necklace – Lasercut Acrylic Earrings- By LicketyCut

Portal 2 brass necklace- By JewelrybyJosh

Portal Necklace the cake is a lie (double-sided)- By AngelElements

True Love

Laser cut acrylic Portal companion cube necklace by SVJewellery

Weighted Companion Heart – Anatomically Correct Industrial Heart - By monsterkookies

Companion Cube Glass Earrings on Sterling Silver Ear Wires (Necklace here)- By CapturedStarlight

Companion Cube PendantMarkWengryn

Companion Cube Necklace- By davenevanxaviour

CUFFLINKS Portal Weighted Companion Cube- By TheClayCollection


Aperture Science Innovators Necklace Portal- By priestessalem

Aperture Science logo plugs- By pearceDunlap

“There you are.”

Mini Portal Turrets Earrings- By sweetgeek

Personality Cores – Portal – Linked Pendants- By Scarpo

Portal GLaDOS Core Pendants- By sweetgeek

Killer Android Danger Level Icons Necklace- Laser Cut Stacked Acrylic Pendant- By LicketyCut

The Cake is a Lie

Hand Stamped Portal Bracelet – The Cake Is a Lie – Bright Aluminum Narrow Cuff- By foxwise

Portal Cake Earrings- By Solarmew

Portal Cake Slice Earrings- By Solarmew

The Cake Is a Lie – Portal Cake Lasercut Acrylic Pendant Necklace – GLaDOS- By LicketyCut

Portal 2 (may contain SPOILERS)

Combustible Lemon Pendant- By MarkWengryn

Portal 2 POTaDOS Pendant/Figurine- By sweetgeek

8 thoughts on “27 Pieces of Portal (the Video Game) Jewelry”

  1. Zombiedward - June 24, 2011 11:20 am

    Well, I just favorited a bunch of stuff.Thanks!

  2. sweetgeek - June 30, 2011 1:30 pm

    wow, thanks so much for featuring some of my Portal stuff! Great collection here. :)

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  5. Lucky - December 1, 2011 4:31 pm

    How can I get these?

    1. girlgonegeek - December 1, 2011 10:02 pm

      Click on the links

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  7. Angelelements - November 24, 2012 9:51 pm

    Thank you for featuring my double sided necklace :)


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