Mashup Mania: Charlie Brown x Doctor Who

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Ever wonder what the Doctor Who crew would like if Schultz drew them? No? Well thankfully Larry Wentzel did and he took his mashup idea one step further and made this adorable Doctor Who x Charlie Brown series.

Wentzel was actually inspired to create the Who/Brown series from the 10th Doctor panel below by Joel Watson at HijiNKS ENSUE. You can get it as a shirt also here.

By Larry Wentzel

I found a few extra floating around the net, the one below “Snoopy Who” is made by KieronOGorman found on his DevaintArt

“Charlie Who” made by Andrew Willmore found on Studio Bueno.

[Source: The Mary Sue, Wentzel’s Flickr pageStudio BuenoKieronOGorman DevaintArt

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