28 Geeks Later- A Short Zombie Film

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 “I just don’t think we should run, it’s not what I grew up with.”, said one zombie to another. These nerd zombies bitch and groan about how inauthentic they are because they can think, and talk and run. Which is exactly what you’d imagine a bunch of infected undead nerds doing during the inevitable apocalypse. This funny short zombie film was written by 
Tyler James Nicol

 and stars Duchess Jenean L. Skappak, JJ Webb and Tyler James Nicol.

From their Youtube:

“A message from the R.A.A.C.P (Recently Animated Americans Conservation Protection)-
The following short features recently-animated americans portrayed in an unflattering fashion. Please keep in mind that Zomphobia is still a real problem facing death-challenged peoples. Donations can be made at your nearest horde.”

The ending is the best so stick around. 

[Source: Topless Robot]

2 thoughts on “28 Geeks Later- A Short Zombie Film”

  1. Tyler James Nicol - July 29, 2011 3:40 pm

    Thank you SO much for reposting our video! :)
    It was done for a negative budget (we cashed in prize money for rental equipment) so the only “payment” we get with this is seeing people enjoy it.

  2. ZombiEdward - July 30, 2011 7:57 am

    That was pretty awesome! So reposting on Facebook!


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