San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Day 1 Roundup

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No, I’m not at SDCC again. Yes, I am distraught but I am working past my pain in order to give you a roundup of all the SDCC news from Day 1 Thursday July, 21st. Anyone down for a pity party?


Lois Lane’s new boyfriend revealed [via CBR]

Star Trek DC Crossover [via The Mary Sue]

The Grant Morrison Panel [via CBR]

Marvel’s Next Big Thing [via CBR]

DC Comics Batman Panel [via CBR]

DC Comics Heads into “Uncharted” Territory” [via CBR]

Dark Horse Reveals Comics by Del Toro, Morello and Cast [via CBR]

Frank Miller’s ‘Holy Terror’

Movies and TV

Marvel Launches Avengers Website, Debuts Teaser Poster [via CBR]

Samuel Jackson Producing Live-Action Afro Samurai [via Bleeding Cool]

Dragon Age: Redemption webseries due this year [via Gamespot]

Comic-Con 2011: The Guild’s Felicia Day teams with BioWare, Independence Day’s Peter Winther, Lost’s John Bartley, more to discuss what gamers can expect from online show.

HER UNIVERSE: What Women Want in Sci-Fi [via Newsarama]

Game of Thrones Panel (part 1)

‘Ringer Panel’ (part 1)

The Amazing Spiderman Trailer

Dexter Season 6 Trailer


Star Wars Kinect gets R2-D2 console bundle [via GameSpot]

Freddy Krueger joins Mortal Kombat [via Gamespot]

Nightmare on Elm Street boogeyman revealed as mystery DLC character for NetherRealm Studios’ fighting game.

Street Fighter x Tekken adds Final Fight, Soulcalibur characters [via Gamespot]

Street Fighter producer gives an update on a possible Darkstalkers game and crossover fighter’s latest additions: Poison and Yoshimitsu.

Beavis and Butt-head returning to TV, games a maybe [via Gamespot]

Creator Mike Judge talks about turning the notorious duo loose on a new generation of television and music videos.

 X-Men Destiny Hands-On Preview [via Gamespot]

Accessibility and player choice collide in this upcoming X-Men title from Silicon Knights.

Batman Arkham City SDCC 2011 Penguin Reveal Trailer

Duex Ex Trailer

Spiderman Edge of Time SDCC 2011 Trailer

Street Fighter X Tekken SDCC 2011 Trailer

Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword SDCC 2011 Trailer

X-Men Destiny SDCC 2011 Choice Trailer

One thought on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Day 1 Roundup”

  1. ZombiEdward - July 23, 2011 1:45 pm

    Marvel’s next big thing sounds pretty cool.

    Oh hai there Frank Miller’s new piece of awesome.

    This Spiderman movie looks like it might actually be awesome! I know Peter Parker is a bit whiny but Toby Maguire overdid that a bit much, This guy looks better.

    Mmmmmmmm, Dexter.

    X-Men Destiny looks pretty sweet!

    And here I thought the only thing I had to look forward to with SDCC was the Con exclusive My Little Pony my friend picked up for me.


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