Dernier Bar: The Geek Bar at the End of the World

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Back in February I spent Valentine’s Day weekend with my boyfriend and parents in Paris, the city of love… and geeks. If you’re a comic book fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of the amazing comics, artists and creators that have came out of France. The city is filled with comic book shops and you may have heard of, Angoulême International Comics Festival, a huge comic con France throws every year. With that being said, it should come to no surprise that in the heart of Paris you’ll find a very geeky (and awesome) bar called, Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde (The Last Bar Before the End of the World).

I heard about Dernier Bar from I follow their site and remembered that they post about a lot of geeky exhibits in Paris. I emailed them asking if they had a gallery or shop in Paris and, although they don’t, Thomas from Geek-Art was nice enough to recommend I visit Dernier Bar while I’m out there. If it weren’t for Thomas I would have never known about the place!

I went to Dernier Bar on a Saturday night and it was packed, which is saying a lot since it has three floors. I kept saying how cool everything was the entire time… I must have been so annoying. Now it’s your turn to say “OMGSOCOOL” as you check out these photos of Dernier Bar. Needless to say, if you’re in Paris you absolutely have to go.

Steampunkish Top Floor

Lovecraft Corner on the Top Floor

The Menu

Apologies for the wrinkles.

Space Ship-Themed Bottom Floor

Bathroom Signs

Science Fiction- Themed Basement Floor

Pirate Ship & Game of Thrones-Themed Basement Floor (the other side)

8 thoughts on “Dernier Bar: The Geek Bar at the End of the World”

  1. Tudz - March 21, 2015 11:43 am

    OMG Bless this post – I’m heading to Paris this July with some friends, now I have a new place to visit!

  2. Cate - March 21, 2015 6:45 pm

    I’ve heard about this place and it looks absolutely awesome! If I’m ever lucky enough to visit Paris again I’ll definitely be visiting xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  3. cuteek - March 22, 2015 11:51 am

    This place looks amazing! Noted for my next trip to Paris. Lol at the Pikachu defibrilator and love the Doctor Who doorway wow. | all things cute and geeky

  4. Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd) - March 23, 2015 7:40 am

    What a cool place! I think the pirate ship and GoT section looks the best based on your photos. Which area did you geek out over most?!

    1. girlgonegeek - March 23, 2015 9:48 am

      I think the Iron Throne was my favorite! It was at the very end so it was a nice surprise. :)

  5. Fiona - March 23, 2015 12:29 pm

    This place looks AMAZING!! I’ve needed a legitimately good reason to go to Paris (my boyfriend is not a fan) and I think this is it. I really want to go :D

  6. Ewelina - April 20, 2015 11:09 am

    Hello ! Your article made me smile as I know this place very well :) Paris is a great city but I ma not sure if it’s geek city. For sure, you can call it city of artists and lovers.

  7. Skye - July 9, 2015 10:32 am

    This looks like so much fun. Bookmarking for when I get back to Paris, someday!


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