Congrats to The Modern Stylographer winners!



Thanks everyone for entering the contest! A huge congratulations to Victoria, Laura and Monique! They all win a poster of their choice from talented The Modern Stylographer. Now the hard part is trying to figure out which one to pick!  Check out their responses to their favorite fandoms below. Winners please email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]gmail[dot]com. And of course a huge thanks to Chris Petersen to sponsoring this contest with his art. Victoria Weinell  “My favorite fandom, is actually something I didn’t see mentioned on this lovely artist’s list. Stargate has been my fandom of choice nearly my entire life. The film came out when I…

Etsy Crush of the Week and Contest- The Modern Stylographer

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I kept coming across Chris’ Etsy shop The Modern Stylographer and knew it was a sign from the Blog Gods that he must be featured as my Etsy Crush of the Week. You will lose yourself in his Etsy shop filled with nearly 200 gorgeous minimalistic and modern designs showcasing your favorite fandoms across the galaxies. He’s got everything from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men, Harry Potter and so much more. And the best part is, three lucky readers will get a chance to win a print from The Modern Stylographer! The only hard part is deciding on which…

40 Pieces of Doctor Who Fan Art- Eleventh Doctor Era

Art Movies & Television Sci-fi/ Cyberpunk

By: Stera [Source:]

Honestly, I don’t know what else I could possible say to express my deep and undying love for Doctor Who. Perhaps the questionable amount of time I spent in the depths of the internet searching for the best Doctor Who fan art can justify my Whovian status (or so can waiting over 12 hours total to see the cast and and Q&A with The Moff and Co.). I suspect only our beloved blue box could hold all of the Doctor Who art in the universe, so there was no way a single blog post would. I split it up in reinacarnation categories…

Picture of the Week and Contest- X-Men 80’s Patrick Nagel Designs

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I bet you thought this post would come with leg warmers and shoulder pads, nope! Just totally gnarly X-Men apparel from Mighty Fine ( from their 80’s Art Fashion Series. These bodacious X-Men babes are inspired by the 1980’s minimalistic illustration style of Patrick Nagel. The day I discovered was the same day I ordered a Storm Nagel-inspired shirt (and Phoenix for a friend’s birthday gift). The icing on the cake was when I received my package in the mail and not only did I get my shirts but also they threw in some great Mighty Fine swag. It included a big bag with Hello Kitty on one…

Picture of the Week-The Women Firefly Nouveau Posters

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Megan Lara is an aspiring illustrator and a “huge nerd” who claims to, ” …draw way too much nouveau, but that’s okay because nouveau is awesome.” And I definitely agree, on the awesome part. You’ve probably seen her nouveau work before whether it was Nintendo Nouveau or Marvel Nouveau. I’m slightly obsessed with her work and have had several brain melts trying to decide on which of her many gorgeous designs to get.  This weeks Pictures of the Week Megan blesses us with some shiny and gorgeous Firefly art nouveau posters featuring our favorite women from the series.  Megan Lara Links: – Website    – Facebook  – Twitter …

Check out my new Girl Gone Geek mascot!



I had to bid my black Princess Peach farewell because despite how much I liked her. She (clearly) belonged to Nintendo and I’m trying to avoid any possible legal issues in the future. So let’s all give a warm welcome to my new Girl Gone Geek mascot made by the super talented Anand Duncan! I found Anand on Girls Drawing Girls and her site Hula Bunny. I loved her style particularly a pink mermaid she created, I knew I wanted her to create my new geek girl in my likeness (peep the glasses and beauty mark). It was great working with her and…

Picture(s) of the Week- 30 Pieces of Imaginative Harry Potter Artwork

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Potter and Hedwig By Michelle Romo

If you’re like me you are counting down to the last installment of Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2 with a combination of excitement and sadness. Excitement for the obvious reason, it’s Harry Freaking Potter; and sadness because it’s all coming to an end. No more book, no more movies. There is Pottermore… but still! Like many of you, I’ve been a Potter fan for over a decade now. I even got my parents hooked on the HP. We still laugh about how we’d all fight over whose turn it was next to read whenever the latest book came…