The Walking Dead Trailer

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The Walking Dead is going to be EPIC I can’t wait!!!  It’s based off the comic book series by Robert Kirkman and the show is written, directed and produced by Frank Darabont who did Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. It’s premiering in October on AMC home of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.  Read more about it here on my previous blog post. [brightcove vid=593569611001&exp3=83327935001&surl=] [Source Nerdist]

New AMC Zombie Show: The Walking Dead

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If you regularly follow this blog you should know by now how I feel about zombies.  Therefore, it should come to no surprise that I am tickled (the shade of brains) pink that AMC is adding zombies to its lineup in the upcoming show The Walking Dead!  Now in recent years AMC has really made an impact in the television world with its highly acclaimed and awarded series Mad Men and Breaking Bad. So I think it’s safe to assume that The Walking Dead will be another winner. The Walking Dead info (via AMC) The Walking Dead [based on the…

End of Zombie Week & Zombie Picture of the Day (7/31)

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I’m sad to announce that Zombie Week has come to an end here on Gurl Gone Geek.  It was a blast finding all of the gruesome goodies to share with my zombie loving readers.  Hopefully I’ve converted a few over to Team Undead (someone should make that a shirt).  Because not only is the grass greener but it’s splattered with blood and brains!  If not… oh well I know who’s NOT going to be joining my survivalist team when the Zombie Apocalypse happens… which should be any day now. Just because Zombie Week is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep…

Zombie Week- Eat, Drink and be a Merry Zombie

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So my friend @VaryusWaise (Yes I’m aware this isn’t Twitter) told me he saw this amazing Zombie Blood Energy Potion for sale at Jim Hanley’s Universe.  I’ll probably buy it when I go there Sunday to get Scott Pilgrim.  This lime flavored energy drink has about the same amount of caffeine in a Red Bull it’s just more awesome. The company who makes these products is Harcos Laboratories and they won a bunch of awards because of their creatively geeky packaging. The company also makes Zombie Jerky and it comes in Teriyucky flavor! They also make other cool energy drinks and…

Zombie Week- Corpse Princess 

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Corpse Princess (ShikabaneHime) Parts 1 & 2 DVDis set to be released Sept. 14th with English Dubs.  Has anyone seen this before, what did you think?  Watch episodes here on FUNimation. Summary via Plot Summary: Makina is dead, but she can’t let go of this world. She burned to death in a fire started by freaks that wouldn’t stay buried. She knows she doesn’t belong among the living, but that won’t stop her from hunting the rotting remains of those who refuse to die. She’s hell-bent on filling empty graves with the monsters that should be six feet under….

Zombie Week- Creepy Zombie Dolls

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Shain Erin make these grotesque Zombie Dolls and she named them too which kind of creeps me out even more.  Well she didn’t name two of them so I decided to fill that responsibility.  She also makes much more unsettling dolls check them out here.  If you love these dolls so much you can buy one for yourself, some are for purchase on Etsy and run from $45-$300.

Zombie Week- Resident Evil: Afterlife Comic-Con 2010

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Resident Evil: Afterlife hits theaters this fall.  They say they are using the same revolutionary 3D cameras as James Cameron used for Avatar, however, Screen Rant wasn’t very impressed by their slow motion action scenes they showed at Comic-Con.  I love the games, because I love killing zombies, I mean who doesn’t?  Me and my brother would wait until our parents were asleep, turn off all the lights and with our trusty weapon arsenal (aka wiimotes) and we immersed ourselves in the Resident Evil world, which in turn provoked a whole lot of cursing and laughing on our parts.  Pardon…