Fangirl on a Budget: Cosplay Hair

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As I mentioned in the comic book edition of Fangirl on a Budget, being a geek girl can be pretty expensive, but being a cosplayer is even more expensive. Sometimes one cosplay can cost hundreds of dollars. Although it isn’t always easy to cut the costs of fabric and building materials for your costume, one way you could save some cash is with cosplay hair. Wigs can be expensive and at times unavoidable. But, if your hair is similar in length to your cosplay character, but not color, try using hair chalk or comb-in hair color. I’ve been playing around with hair chalk since I’ve had my Rouge-inspired…

ThinkGeek Charm Bracelet Giveaway!



  I probably have enough jewelry to open up a small jewelry store. Something you’ll always see me wearing are a stack of bracelets. They are my version of arm candy! The only geeky bracelet in my arm candy bunch was a Game of Thrones “Valar Morghulis”, that is until ThinkGeek debuted their charm bracelets! What I love is that you can add a bunch of your favorite nerd things to one bracelet; it’s kind of like PANDORA but for geeks. The arm party!  ThinkGeek charms! Enter the Giveaway!  I wanna share the arm candy love so one lucky lady will win: One…

Advice on Finding the Time to Blog & Ending Bloggers Guilt



I’ve been asked a lot about how to find the time to blog, so I felt it was time to share my “advice” in a blog post. I have no idea why people ask my advice because I’m not exactly the model citizen for blogging frequency, but here I am sharing my advice. The Practical Advice Get Real Set realistic blogging goals. Every blog is different so what may be a lot for one blog, may not be a lot for another. Figure out your sweet spot. Back when I was a baby blogger I wanted to blog once a day… I was obviously…

Geek Girl Brunch Judges the Wasabassco Burlesque Costume Contest

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Bella Blackheart (OC)

The Geek Girl Brunch co-founders we’re asked to judge the Wasabassco Burlesque SUPER! Heroes vs Villains costume contest back in May. After we were done freaking out about how excited we were, we started freaking out about what we were going to wear.  To enter the contest the contestants had to create original characters. So you know what that meant, as judges we just HAD to create our own original characters. We had a very long email thread going between the three of us full of Etsy links and partial back stories. In the end, Bella Blackheart, Techno Babble and Ma’at, The Scribe were born… and…

Introducing Geek Girl Brunch

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I’m excited to announce the launch of Geek Girl Brunch! GGB is a meetup group for geek girls who hang out over brunch. I’ve been working on this project for a while with my friends and co-founders, Yissel and Rachel. Origin Story  In a galaxy far far away… some geek girls had brunch. A few actually, and since we had so much fun geeking out and sipping on mimosas we wanted it to become a bigger thing. After a few brunches we tossed around the idea that we wanted to start making Geek Girl Brunch a “bigger thing” and open it up to…

Overcoming Self-Doubt



This is dedicated to everyone with dumb self-doubts… like me. You guys, I’m the worst. Well, I’m the worst at thinking I’m the worst. If comics, books or anime taught me anything, it’s that I can do anything. Well, maybe not literally anything, but a whole damn lot. People believe in me (people who aren’t automatically supposed to like my parents), so why is it so easy for me to dismiss them? Why is it so easy for us to dismiss genuine thoughts from people about our talents and capabilities? It’s because we’re scared. And if you’re not ready to admit it, at least I…

My Cosplay Bucket List

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As you may remember from my post “Confessions of a First Time Cosplayer” I really like cosplaying. Who doesn’t?! But I have to admit, even after my numerous Doctor Who cosplays and my pretty killer femme Spike Spiegel, I still feel like a newb since I didn’t actually make anything from scratch myself. The designs and concepts were my own, but the crafting was not. But after some drinks with Cosplay Queen Darth Rachel and a little pep talk from her, I feel less newby. I let my lack of craftiness limit me, but I will not let it hold me back any longer! I…

Fangirl on a Budget: Comic Book Edition

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Let’s be honest, being a fangirl is pretty expensive. Don’t see how? Just add up how much you spend on comics, books, toys, clothes, cons, games, etc. But this made me wonder, can you be a geek and be on a budget at the same time? Well of course you can! But since our love runs deep for these fandoms, saving money isn’t that easy. I spend the most money on comics since I pick them up every Wednesday. I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat so I figured that’s the best place to start. Here are a…

If My Blog Was An Outfit

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Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 7.59.54 PM

I don’t do Polyvore kinds of posts because I know it’s a beautiful black hole I’d never escape. But “If My Blog Was An Outfit” was like kryptonite! I first saw this over at The Nerdy Girlie and her post inspired me to do my own. It actually started as a link up party with A Dose of Paige and Hairspray and Highheels blogs. If you’re a blogger, join in on the fun and share your post with us on Twitter! Of course I had a hard time just picking one outfit that represented my blog so I picked a day and…

Where I Freak Out About ‘Sandman Overture #2’

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OMFG YOU GUYS! I cannot even deal with how friggin’ gorgeous Sandman Over #2 is! J.H. Williams III is a GOD. I will build an alter in his honor and put food there every Wednesday (because that’s the sacred comic book day). Next door to the JHW3 alter I will build a shrine in honor the letterer, Todd Klein. I will pray to The Endless there and all my dreams will come true. Williams’ panels in Overture #2 are some of the most creative I’ve ever seen. But he’s been stuntin’ on these pages since Overture #1. Remember that “OMG…