Zombie Sak: Survival Kit Giveaway

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We’ve all had those conversations before. Oh you know the one where you and your friends discuss your zombie apocalypse weapon of choice, the safest place in their area you would go, even what skills you’d bring to your team. Because if you’re rolling with me, you better have a skill! (I can be the supply runner because I ran track in high school.) We joke around about the zombie apocalypse, but honestly, who really knows? One day it could happen. The living dead may go by a different name, walkers, the infected, etc. But as Shakespeare once said, “A zombie…

How Hawkeye #13 Helped Me Deal with Death

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Hawkeye #13 made me cry. It’s not because I was emotionally attached to Grills. Although, I was fond of him and it was sad that he died. But as some of you may know, my uncle passed away last year. I’ve blogged about him a few times. We were close and he was the biggest influence in my life when it came to comics and geek culture. He took me to my first comic con when I was little. And he’s been even more top of mind because New York Comic Con was this past weekend and we would go together….

Chew Takes a Bite Out of NYCC 2013



I’ve been a big fan of the comic book series, Chew, for a while now. John Layman’s writing and Rob Guillory’s style are a perfect match. It’s one of the few comics that actually make me literally LOL. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, pick up the first volume. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Being a fan, I was excited to see the Chew crew for the first time. During the panel, we learned that Chew started off dark. I mean really dark. Which isn’t surprising considering the main character eats human flesh on a frequent basis (he gets…

New York Comic Con 2013: Adventure Time Panel

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The Adventure Time panel held this past Sunday was moderated by New York Times culture writer Dave Itzkoff featuring creator and head animator Pendleton Ward (Lump Space Princess), John MiMaggio (Jake), Jeremy Shada (Finn), Rebecca Sugar (writer, storyboard artist, ukulele player) and Kent Osborne (head of story). When asked what he was like as a child, Pen responded by saying he was an idiot that ate a lot of pizza and played Diablo. “As a small chubby nerd, that was my life. Geek life”, Pen added. Although he never imagined he’d be responsible for such a hit, he always knew…

Blog Crush: Leslie IRL

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I’m obsessed with Leslie! Is that weird? Idc idc! I can’t remember when we first “virtually” met, but I’ll assume it was on Twitter because that’s where I live. She had a geeky blog, I had a geeky blog and next thing you know were internet besties. Even though Leslie is such a lovely person, I have a sneaking suspicion that she has several gangers locked in her basement. That’s the only possible way she can work on all her projects! Seriously, folks. I’ll make a list just to emphasize her awesomeness: – Runs her blog Leslie IRL – She’s a…

10 Tips For Surviving New York Comic Con

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I’ve been to NYCC for a couple of years now and I’ve discovered some tips that’ll help you make the most of your wonderfully geeky weekend. If you’re going to NYCC and wanna say hi IRl, hit me up on Twitter or email me at jamila@girlgonegeekblog!  1. NYCC App I’m super excited about the NYCC app. They’ve leveled up and it’s pretty sweet! It has everything you need to know about the con including panels, guests, rules, exhibitors, map and a bunch more. My favorite feature is that you can add panels to your schedule and they’ll remind you when…

50 Pieces of Beautifully Strange “Welcome to Night Vale” Fan Art

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I first discovered Welcome to Night Vale during one of my many endless scroll sessions on Tumblr. I kept seeing Night Vale fan art, so I downloaded the podcast and well, my life hasn’t been the same since. If you don’t know… “WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.” The writing is quite brilliant and very very strange. There’s a heavy H.P….

Blogger Must-Have: iWerkz (Super Cute) Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Giveaway


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Well, let me clarify, iWerkz Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard isn’t just for bloggers. Pretty much anyone who finds themselves lugging around their computer to work/write/blog/etc. would enjoy the iwerkz keyboard. I always find myself away from my computer whenever I’m hit with a great bloggable idea. I attempt to start typing it out on my phone or ipad but give up after having to change all of the autocorrected words. I actually have a different portable bluetooth keyboard from a brand that shall not be named. And it did it’s job just fine, however, it was kind of clunky and took up…

29 Breaking Bad Tattoos

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Breaking Bad Tattoo 17

A collection of tattoos from arguably, the best show ever, Breaking Bad.  Artist: Jamie Lee Parker Source Source Source Source The Deconstruction of Walter White by Peter Gonzalez  Source Source Source Source Timeless Tattoo in Glasgow trurosrvboi‘s tattoo Source  Source “Traditional Portrait” by Paul, Spilled Ink Tattoo Studio, Dublin. Source Source Source Source Breaking Bad tattoo by Johnny Flash, a custom tattoo artist at Stigma Tattoo Bar in Orlando, FL. Source Artist: Sile Sanda Source Source Filadam Tattoo, Istanbul. Source Walter White by Matt Hart, a tattoo artist at Inspirations Tattooos in Leeds, U.K. Source From Matt Cooley, a Manchester, UK tattoo artist. Source Tattoo by Steve Bauer, Premier Tattoo. Colorado Springs, Colorado  Source By Craigy Lee…