Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Gamers

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 Pixel Heart Acrylic Plastic Earring  8bits design by Nastalgame Mass Effect Paragon Renegade Earrings  Engraved by LaserCutJewelry Assassins Creed Earrings  Laser Cut Black and by LaserCutJewelry  Legend of Zelda  Earrings Engraved Zelda Logo by LaserCutJewelry Laser cut acrylic Portal companion cube necklace by SVJewellery Pixel Heart Zelda Acrylic Plastic for couple and by Nastalgame Pixel Heart Acrylic Ring Plastic for couple and by Nastalgame   Acrylic Plastic Earring Pixel Heart 8bits design can by Nastalgame Legend of Zelda Style Heart Pieces You Are the by jennyloveskawaii Mario and Princess Toadstool Love Heart Locket by TeddyBearsJunk Pixel heart  vermeil  sterling silver gold…

Geeky Holiday Cards

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Tis the season to be geeky. What better way of sending our holiday tidings than with a Geeky Holiday cards!   [Source: By Wondermark via Telegraph] [Source: theRasilisk on Etsy] [Source: Castornpollux on Etsy] [Source: KatKreated on Etsy] [Source: Blackbirdandpeacock on Etsy] [Source: LovesickRobotStudios on Etsy ]   [Source: hueynwah on Etsy] [Source: SmeggInk on Etsy] [Source: Wilde Designs] [Source: RedGarden on Etsy] [Source: BohoBearPaperStudio on Etsy] [Source: amysnotdeadyet on Etsy] [Source: LovesickRobotStudios on Etsy] [Source: LovesickRobotStudios on Etsy]  

Video Games vs. Real Life

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Aled Lewis (Fatheed on Flickr) transported your favorite old school video game characters into the real world in some impressive photo manipulations. I get a special kind of nostalgia whenever I see old school video game characters. Chris Hardwick wore his Doctor Who/Back to the Future shirt on The Late Late Show! Check our his Flickr and website he also has a bunch of other great geek related art. (All titles and text below are from Aled’s Flickr) Gorilla In The Mist aka: Kong of the Jungle. The reason he was so mixed up was because he was missing home….

8bit ‘F*ck You Parody’

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Your NES doesn’t like you cheating on it with Sega, and it made a song to let you know. This parody of Cee-lo’s song “F*ck you” was made by Inverse Phase, check out the rest of his Chip Tunes on his website. “So what’s going on here? Well, the year is 1990. You’ve finally gotten a Genesis (or a Mega Drive, I suppose) from the toy store and your Nintendo has begun to collect a fair bit of dust. If it could talk (or sing) to you, what would it be saying right now?” – Inverse Phase This is SFW…

LEGO Chanel Lipstick Brooch By Dee and Ricky

Accessories Jewelry

Twin brothers Dee & Ricky design accessories made out of LEGO bricks.  Their designs have been worn by many celebrities (and regular people too!).  I featured them in two posts before; one on Pixel Jewelry and the other is their cool stop-motion video. Their latest creations are these Chanel Lipsticks Brooches.  They cost $65 and have a magnetic backing so you don’t have to worry about any holes.  They just announced them (Aug. 25th) and you will have to email them at and/or to order one. Now who wants to get me one?! :) [Source Hypebeast & Nitrolicious]

Dee & Ricky Stop Motion LEGO Video

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Dee and Ricky the twin accessory designers known for their famous LEGO heart pins, bow ties, cigarette pins, and Pac Man and so much more LEGO wonders (I featured them on my Pixel Jewelry Post). Below is their very cool and colorful stop motion teaser video for their upcoming show “The Dee & Ricky Super Happy Fun Time Show” which is in production and will be released in the coming months.  I’m not sure what the show will be about but it has anything to do with 8-bit/LEGO’s you know I’m all over it!  It should be a super happy…

8-bit Me!

Art Random Geekery

Chronic Geek made me this awesome 8-bit version of me!  I’ve decided to add it to my new “follow me on twitter” picture on the right.  I think she did a great job and it’s super cute!  I exchange made her a Princess Peach with pink and black hair.  Check out her blog too and she’s on twitter!

Gnarcade Video

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From G4: “Knife Show’s snowboarding videos have always been amazing, but the vid posted last night surpasses all their past efforts. Directed by X-Play‘s own Mike Benson, “Gnarcade” mashes video game memes with snowboarding and skateboarding to create something guaranteed to drop your jaw. Scott Stevens, Micah Hollinger, Chris Beresford, Tim Eddy, Ben Bogart and Casey Wrightsman provide the action and Ground Up provides the game-inspired soundtrack.” rap (video games + 8bit) + (snowboarding + skateboarding)  =