Girl Gone Geek’s 2 Year Blogiversary & Giveaways

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Two years ago today I started Girl Gone Geek Blog. It began with just my friends and family reading it, and has slowly taken on a life of its own. It has grown into a 2-year-old baby geekling (23 in blog years), and I couldn’t have done it without you. As you are probably well aware, I’m pretty obsessed with a lot of things. I started this blog because I wanted to talk about my many obsessions because I couldn’t keep it all bottled up inside me. I had no expectations with my blog. I just hoped some people would…

MOO Giveaway- Win Awesome Minicards & Stickers

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MOO Giveaway with Girl Gone Geek!  Remember those guys I was gushing about in a review? Well they were awesome enough to sponsor a giveaway! There are 3 sets of MOO’s adorable MiniCards up for grabs, plus one of those extra lucky winners will ALSO get a set of MOO stickers too! In case you’ve not come across MOO before, they print business cards, greeting cards, stickers, greeting cards, labels and more. A Little More About MOO  MOO was born out of a passion of beautiful, high-quality print and design – they make creating and printing your own unique…

Winner of the X-Men Nagel-Inspired Shirts from!

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The winner for ‘X-Men 80′s Patrick Nagel Designs’ is Heather aka @ZombiEdward! I loved reading everyone’s “If I were a mutant…” response on Twitter, Facebook and the blog post. Thanks to everyone to entered the contest and a HUGE thanks to Mighty Fine for sponsoring this contest.  Check out Mighty Fines on:  –    – Facebook Page  – Twitter @welovefinetees   – Tumblr  Congratulations again Heather/@ZombiEdward! She won because not only did she explain what her mutant power would be, but described her impressive costume too! I know who I’m siding with when the mutant war erupts. Check out her answer:  “I already have my answer for this (thanks to…

Picture of the Week and Contest- X-Men 80’s Patrick Nagel Designs

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I bet you thought this post would come with leg warmers and shoulder pads, nope! Just totally gnarly X-Men apparel from Mighty Fine ( from their 80’s Art Fashion Series. These bodacious X-Men babes are inspired by the 1980’s minimalistic illustration style of Patrick Nagel. The day I discovered was the same day I ordered a Storm Nagel-inspired shirt (and Phoenix for a friend’s birthday gift). The icing on the cake was when I received my package in the mail and not only did I get my shirts but also they threw in some great Mighty Fine swag. It included a big bag with Hello Kitty on one…

CONTEST: Win $100 Worth of Geekery from

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It’s CONTEST TIME again! And this one is major! Thanks to the awesome people over at one lucky winner will win $100 worth of anything they want from their website! I know! I can’t believe it either! The only thing is, this is limited to US residents only. Buy Star Wars Costumes have anything and everything you cosplaying Star Wars heart desires. From authentic officially licensed costumes, helmets/masks, accessories and more. You will be the best looking Star Wars character galaxy at the next con, Halloween party or just a trip to the supermarket if you fancy. Caption contest! The…

Picture of the Week- National Mario Kart League and Interview with the Artist Rodrigo Ferreira

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*Mario voice* “Here we go!” This weeks PotW is also the design for the week-long contest I’m having. To see how you can win visit the CONTEST post.  The NMKL (National Mario Kart League) design was created by Rodrigo Ferreira, which combines sports logo design with my all time favorite racing game Mario Kart ( which is also the only racing video game I like). I think the combination is perfect considering the intense competitiveness MK can bring out of a player and the ritual victory dances after a win which are reminiscent of end zone dances after an impressive touchdown. My brother and…

CONTEST: Win a Doctor Who shirt from Threadless!

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You all are fully aware of how much a massive Doctor Who fan I am. I literally waited in line for over 6 hours on two separate occasions mind you for DW related events and to meet the main cast and Steven Moffat (you can read about that here and here). Where’s my (#DWlineCon peeps at?!). That’s some serious obsession right there!   My Facebook page and Twitter is practically a continuous love letter to Doctor Who. I want to thank all my fellow Whovians for emailing me Tennant LOL cats, tweet-a-thons, Facebook gush-a-thons, sending me Doctor Who episodes that haven’t…

Interview with Crafting Maven Lesley Karpiuk and Geek Soap Contest Winners

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Lesley Karpiuk, the creator of Geek Soap and crotched Cthulhu goodies at The Pink Toque, was nice enough to take the time for an interview for Girl Gone Geek Blog. Read it below and find out her inspirations, geekiest thing she’s done, geek soap making process, her favorite video games, what she’d take on a deserted island and more! Also a big congratulations to the three winners of the Geek Soap contest and thanks for everyone who entered! It was really tough for me and Lesley to decide on winners for each of the soaps there were so many great answers! Winners: Jesus…

My 1 Year Blogiversary & Geek Soap Contest!

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Happy Blogiversary to me!  Girl Gone Geek Blog turns 1-year-old today! Which is about 13 in blog years. I can’t believe it’s already been a year… Actually that’s a lie, it totally felt like a year. I started this blog with no intentions other than to blab about all of the brilliant things I am unashamedly obsessed about, they just so happen to dwell in the geek realm. The fact that it continues to grow and the positive feedback you all give me is something I never anticipated, but it thrills me to bits! The blog is like an extension of…

Tattoo Tuesday- Hayao Miyazaki Films

Anime Movies & Television Tattoo Tuesday

San from Princess Mononoke

This past Sunday was my 200th post here on Girl Gone Geek Blog and I decided to celebrate by having a giveaway.  I will be giving away a Kodama decal, all you have to do is go here and tell me what your favorite Miyazaki film is and why, that’s it!  I will be chosing the winner Sunday, November 14th.  Tell your friends! Staying in the Miyazaki moment, (because honestly how could you not the man is a genius!) this weeks Tattoo Tuesday theme is Miyazaki movies!  A majority of the tattoos I found were Princess Mononoke, which is my favorite….