New York Comic Con 2015: Cosplay Roundup

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Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop Cosplay Y’all are probably sick of seeing my femme Spike cosplay, but I’m not sick of wearing it. Any chance I get to pretend to be as cool as Spike Spiegel I’m going to take it. This cosplay was made by the very talented Stefánia Ágoston of Ticci Rockabilly. I wore this to the Fanbros: Crossplay Cosplay Contest and Party where I was one of the judges. Fanbros are the homies; I love their podcast and they are some of my favorite geek peeps. Check them out! Neon Genesis Evangelion… Sweatshirt I needed a day of rest from cosplaying…

NYCC 2014 Cosplay & Coords: Sailor Moon, Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop & More

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It was only a year ago when I posted “Confessions of a First Time Cosplayer” and look how far I’ve come! Now I know I’m not building Tali armor from scratch like my friend and cosplay sensei @DarthRachel, but I’m proud of myself nonetheless. Sailor Goon I introduce to you, Sailor Goon; my gangsta take on Sailor Moon. I was Sailor Moon and my friend Roshi was Black Lady. People at the con said we were cute and creepy so mission accomplished basically. I was inspired by Asiey Barbie’s Sailor Gang art on tumblr. I tagged her on Instagram and Twitter and…

Confessions of a First Time Cosplayer

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I’ve cosplayed as the Eleventh Doctor, but for whatever reason, I feel like my femme Spike Spiegel was my first legitimate cosplay. I can now proudly call myself a cosplayer, albeit, with only one cosplay in my bank. Sit down, grab a cup of tea and I’ll tell you my cosplay story… It starts off with a major dilemma. I can’t sew for sh*t. Which is what always held me back. I felt like I wouldn’t be a “real” cosplayer because I can’t make my costume from scratch. But after a few months of deliberation I said “Eff it!”. I decided…

Tattoo Tuesday- Cowboy Bebop

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Cowboy Bebop is perfect in my eyes. The characters, animation, music or storyline truly some of the best that any anime series has ever seen. I have a major crush on Spike Speigel (and Faye)… is that weird because they’re animated? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m also seriously considering getting a corgi just to be able to name it Ein. And it’s kind of ridiculous how many times I’ve tweeted the words “See you space cowboy…”. I could go on and on but then I’d never get to the tattoos! I was actually surprised I couldn’t find more Bebop tattoos. So if you come across…

Girl Gone Geek Goes to Jamaica!

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“I’m dressed for Rio!” Well not Rio but you get the point Whovians. I just hope the Silurians don’t try to suck me into the Earth and dissect me while I’m laying on the beach … But I guess they were here first. Many of you noticed on twitter that I’m currently on a huge Doctor Who binge and I’m almost caught up with the newest season and I tweet about it. A lot. Before I start gushing about Who this post is to let everyone know I’m going on vacation! I leave tomorrow for Jamaica and I’ll be back the…

Sunday Funnies (7/11)

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Today’s Sunday Funny comic is brought to you by (once again) because his comics are hilarious!  He’s on twitter too, just like the rest of the world.  Enjoy Otakus!