Picture of the Week- Who Watches the Empire?

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Jonah Block created this great mashup of Star Wars and Watchmen. This was featured on Tee Fury a few weeks ago, but fear not, you can buy prints, skins and shirts with the artwork here on Society 6. Check out his website Amateurish at Best for other great art! His Deviant Art gallery Biotwist Jonah’s profile on Tee Fury and past shirt designs Facebook: The Art of Jonah Block Some more of Jonah’s art that I like: Minimalist Doctor Who (prints, skins and shirts available here) “Fighting evil by moonlight” Sailor Moon Head [Source: Threadless] The Son of Manio [Source: Threadless]…

Minimalist Movie Posters- Less is More

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(If you aren’t completely annoyed with minimalist posters by now) I hope enjoy these! More Minimalist Posts: Minimalist Doctor Who Posters Minimalist Street Fighter Art Minimalist Superheros Video Game Minimalist Posters Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction Kill Bill Kill Bill Fight Club Star Wars Wall-E Back to the Future Part III The Fifth Element Jurassic Park Dracula Memento Planet of the Apes The Exorcist Superhero Movie Posters [Sources Trendland, Comics Alliance and Urlesque]

Weekly Links (12/4)

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(Chewbanukah via THE Lukas Kaiser Tumblr) Robot Chicken “Star Wars 3” coming out Dec. 18th trailer here (via Idle Hands) PSA: Social Media will destroy your family (via GeekPr0n) 10 Classic Speculative-Fiction Works Reinterpreted As Word Clouds (via Brainwaves) The Walking Dead Fires Writers (via Comicbook Movies) Minimalist Doctor Who Posters (via GeekOSystem) Tracy Morgan talks about his love for Star Wars on Jimmy Falon (via GeekOSystem) Steampunk Superheros (via ChetArt) So bad it’s good “Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus” (via Geeks are Sexy) Automatic Sliding Doors Graph (via Geeks are Sexy)

Picture of the Week- Abstract Street Fighter Art

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I love minimalist art and did a few posts in the past but this Street Fighter rendition takes it to a different level.   This is made by Infinite Continues check out their Flickr for more cool minimalist art.  He also did a Turbo Street Fighter version and Mortal Kombat. They are also available as t-shirts here.  It’s even better if you recognize them all [Source Geek-Art.net]

Minimalist Superheroes

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Rogue X-men

Because I loved the minimalist video game posters so much (and I hope you did too) I fo und superhero ones! Enjoy fanboys and fangirls! Go ScreenRant to see all 30 posters. And check out this funny minimalist superhero shirt I first saw via GoodiesMag (NSFW).  It’s made by biotwist go vote for it on Threadless so one day we can buy it!  

Video Game Minimalism: Less is More

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Less is more in this case.  My super amazing brother showed me some of these minimalist video game posters a while ago (pre-blog).  And since sharing is caring I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I think they are very cute and clever!  If I still lived in a dorm I’d have some of these posters all over the walls… well at least my side of the room.  You can buy some video game minimalist shirts here and buy some  posters on here and through the artists links. Hardcore gamers will be able to recognize all of these posters.  BUT…