Interview with the Geeky Burlesque Performer Nasty Canasta

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Kobayashi Maru- Cyberman Doctor Who (Photo by Wayne Herrschaft)

WARNING: The following post contains images that are NSFW and will most likely result in multiple nergasms. Nasty Canasta is a damn good burlesque performer. Her creativity is unparalleled and she manages to blow my mind every time. There aren’t many people who can pull of a lamp performance but Nasty does, and she does it well. We all have favorites, and Nasty Canasta is one of mine. Being a big fan of Wasabassco Burlesque (the troupe Nasty is apart of), I’ve seen her perform countless times. But what makes her one of my favorites, other than her creativity, is her ability…

Geek Burlesque: Hazel Honeysuckle Interview

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hazel honeysuckle leeloo

WARNING: The following post contains images that are NSFW and will most likely result in multiple nergasms.  This blog post could only contain photos and a caption saying, “Hazel Honeysuckle is gorgeous burlesque performer that plays D&D. You’re welcome.” and you would be perfectly fine with that. I’ve seen Hazel several times at Wasabassco Burlesque performing everything from a tradition burlesque number, a Dwarf Fighter act and even managed to make Cookie Monster very sexy. Try to pry your eyes off the stunning photos of Hazel and check out the interview I had with her. The photos will still there after you…

Wasabassco Burlesque Interview: Burlesque Can Be Sexy & Geeky

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Wasabassco Burlesque- Stormy Leather as a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica Photo by Wayne Herrschaft

WARNING: This post contains images that may be NSFW and will result in multiple nergasms.  I am proud to confess that I am a Wasabassco Burlesque groupie. You would be one too if you saw beautiful women perform as your favorite geek characters and take their clothes off. (Plus, it’s probably the closest thing I’ll get to seeing the doctor naked.) You thought you had a nergasm before, you haven’t experienced anything until you’ve seen the ladies of Wasabassco Burlesque in action. Wasabassco’s name comes from The Wasabi Ass Company, because well.. they’re hot ass. They are based in the NYC, so if you’re ever in the area…