8-bit Me!

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Chronic Geek made me this awesome 8-bit version of me!  I’ve decided to add it to my new “follow me on twitter” picture on the right.  I think she did a great job and it’s super cute!  I exchange made her a Princess Peach with pink and black hair.  Check out her blog too and she’s on twitter!

Gamer Jewelry (Part 3)

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Some more Gamer Jewelry I found. Enjoy! *Click on the images for the link* Sonic and Knuckles stud earrings WoW- Hearthstone “Left 4 Dead” first aid kit Halo ring (unisex) Megaman Resident Evil- Umbrella Corporation logo Reproduction of “FINAL FANTASY VII” Aerith’s White Materia “Holy” Pokemon Pharrell Williams loves Mario! Here’s a pic of my (imaginary) boyfriend Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. and his iced out Mario mushroom and star jewelry! Clearly, these aren’t for sale. You can even play a N.E.R.D. 8-bit game on their site!

Music to Soothe the Savage Geek

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Ever catch yourself daydreaming about your favorite band/artist singing about the things you really like such as like sci-fi, literature, comics, etc.?  Well dreams do come true! I’ve been a fan of Chester French and Janelle Monae for a while.  When they combined their forces Wonder Twin style and made “Nerd Girl” I immediately declared it the theme song to my life. And guess what?! It’s totally free the legal way! Download Chester French’s mixtape “Nerd Girl” is on it. And buy their CD Love the Future. One half of CF is on twitter @DAchesterfrench and here is their facebook…

Hello Nerdom!

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Well if you’ve wandered to my blog I’m going to assume you are vaguely (or extremely) interested in the wondrous world of all things geek.  If you are here for another reason this site should bring out the inner geek in you … *crosses fingers*. Some things I’m completely obsessed with that I will featured on the blog: Video Games- my brother is a hardcore gamer which may account for my love of D pads and the letters A, B, L, R and things of that nature. Literature- I love everything from Shakespeare, Hemingway, James Baldwin, Chuck Palahniukk, Edwidge Danticat to J. K….