Interview with Crafting Maven Lesley Karpiuk and Geek Soap Contest Winners

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Lesley Karpiuk, the creator of Geek Soap and crotched Cthulhu goodies at The Pink Toque, was nice enough to take the time for an interview for Girl Gone Geek Blog. Read it below and find out her inspirations, geekiest thing she’s done, geek soap making process, her favorite video games, what she’d take on a deserted island and more! Also a big congratulations to the three winners of the Geek Soap contest and thanks for everyone who entered! It was really tough for me and Lesley to decide on winners for each of the soaps there were so many great answers! Winners: Jesus…

Video Games vs. Real Life

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Aled Lewis (Fatheed on Flickr) transported your favorite old school video game characters into the real world in some impressive photo manipulations. I get a special kind of nostalgia whenever I see old school video game characters. Chris Hardwick wore his Doctor Who/Back to the Future shirt on The Late Late Show! Check our his Flickr and website he also has a bunch of other great geek related art. (All titles and text below are from Aled’s Flickr) Gorilla In The Mist aka: Kong of the Jungle. The reason he was so mixed up was because he was missing home….

Picture of the Week- Princess Peach

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Carlos Lerma made this super adorable and colorful Princess Peach artwork. I originally found this on and I also featured his abstract Batman artwork for a previous PotW. Check out Lerms and all of his greatness on his Deviant Art, Blog,Website.  My favorite of Lerma include Neil Gaiman, Sirius Black, Darth Vader, Buddha and Riff Raff

Geeky Soap- Part 3

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Breakfast Soap Combo

This is the last part of this fun Geeky Soap series.  If you like to eat, which I assume most of you do then you’ll love Dirty Ass Soaps!  Although most of them aren’t very geeky but they are all awesome.   All of the soaps are 100% vegan (ironically) and made with Shea Butter!  In related news, doing this post has made me extremely hungry. Geeky Soap Part 1 Geeky Soap Part 2 Try and resist om nom noming on these delicious looking soaps!  

Geeky Soap- Part 2

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This is Part 2 of Geeky Soap.  This post features the handmade works of Geek Soap and Digital Soaps.  I have to keep reminding myself these are actually made of soap, they look so realistic!  Like I said previously, these make great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays!  Check out Geeky Soaps Part 1 here. Geek Soap Info: Twitter @GeekSoap Geek Soap Facebook Page Digital Soap Info: Etsy Shop Digital Soap Facebook Page Twitter @DigitalSoaps ***click on the images for a larger view***                

Painted Video Game Consoles

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Check out these cool painted video game consoles.  I first saw these on Girls are Geek in their Link of the Week post.  They are originally from Buzzfeed I included my favorites below (there’s 25 total on Buzzfeed).

8bit ‘F*ck You Parody’

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Your NES doesn’t like you cheating on it with Sega, and it made a song to let you know. This parody of Cee-lo’s song “F*ck you” was made by Inverse Phase, check out the rest of his Chip Tunes on his website. “So what’s going on here? Well, the year is 1990. You’ve finally gotten a Genesis (or a Mega Drive, I suppose) from the toy store and your Nintendo has begun to collect a fair bit of dust. If it could talk (or sing) to you, what would it be saying right now?” – Inverse Phase This is SFW…