Tattoo Tuesday- Chuck Palahniuk

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I’m a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk‘s books, my favorites include Survivor, Invisible Monsters and Haunted. He is most notably known for Fight Club which was made one of my favorite films which has cult-like fans *points to self*. I am well on my way to reading every one of his books. They are chock full of some truly marvelous/intense/alarming quotes, many of which have been turned into tattoos. If you haven’t read any of his novels, next time you’re in your local book store or library pick up some Chuck, you can thank me later. I included all the information about…

Tattoo Tuesday-Children’s Books

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My brain nearly jumped out of my head with excitement as I explored the beautiful bounty of literary skin art on (and a few other sites).  Out of all of my many obsession literature is by far the one dearest to me.  It tickles my soul to see so many people who felt a such a deep connection with an author, novel, character, quote, etc. and were inspired to put it on their body.  This weeks theme I’ve decided to do a tribute to Children’s Books and authors. My earliest and fondest memories of literature was Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughtersbecause…