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WeTheSciencey- Star Trek Trekkie Spock Greeting Card Set

“You had me at meteorite necklace”, is how I felt when I landed on WeTheSciencey’s Etsy shop. So I can own a necklace that has a metorite fragment in it? SOLD! Who wouldn’t want to flaunt a bit of space around their neck?! And that’s not it! We the Sciencey’s shop is bursting will all sorts of science and sci-fi items that will have you manically clicking “Add to Cart”. What makes it even better is every month WeTheSciencey chooses a new Kickstarter project to back with a percentage of every sale. It’s a win/win! The handmade (and space-made) meteorite…

Geeky Holiday Cards

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Tis the season to be geeky. What better way of sending our holiday tidings than with a Geeky Holiday cards!   [Source: By Wondermark via Telegraph] [Source: theRasilisk on Etsy] [Source: Castornpollux on Etsy] [Source: KatKreated on Etsy] [Source: Blackbirdandpeacock on Etsy] [Source: LovesickRobotStudios on Etsy ]   [Source: hueynwah on Etsy] [Source: SmeggInk on Etsy] [Source: Wilde Designs] [Source: RedGarden on Etsy] [Source: BohoBearPaperStudio on Etsy] [Source: amysnotdeadyet on Etsy] [Source: LovesickRobotStudios on Etsy] [Source: LovesickRobotStudios on Etsy]  

Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/26)

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Images: Harry Potter Death Adventure Tee via Topless Robot Darth Buddha via Dracorubio DIMITRIS SAMARAS : « A LOVE SONG FOR JABBA THE HUTT » via Geek-Art Someone Writes the Entire First Chapter of Harry Potter on a Bathroom Stall via GeekoSystem Harry And Dobbs: It’s A Magical World via Culture Popped Keeping Up With The Cardassians via Culture Popped The Weekly IRL Hittin’ The Streets (8 Pictures total) via Dorkly Dan Hipp via Geek-Art Epic The Legend of Zelda Picture via Geek-Art Articles: Doctor Who: Worlds of TimeFree-To-Play MMO Will EXTERMINATE Your Leisure Time via GeekoSystem Gaming Angels at NY Toy Fair 2011 Smithsonian Wants Your…

Weekly Links- Articles, Images, Videos and More! (1/29)

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Articles: 2011 Razzie Nominations [via The Flick Cast] ‘Axe Cop’ Fan Movie Chops With Deadly Accuracy Video [via Comics Alliance] Harry Potter Quibbler Headlines [via Topless Robot] Destructoid discusses Codename: NGP, the PSP successor New Kirby Game coming to the Wii [via Destructoid] Gandalf > Dumbledor [via Geeks are Sexy] A Comprehensive Guide To ‘Daria’ Gifs [via MTV] Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego Come to Facebook Next Month [via GeekoSystem] Images: Harry Potter Stardust [via Made with Awesome] Prancing Cera and Spidey [via Tazar Tumblr] Doctor Who Cyberman Swimcap [via io9] Legend of Zelda Chicken Attack Cosplay [via Dorkly] Geeky Cakes…

Weekly Links- Articles, Images, Video and More! (1/22)

Random Geekery Weekly Links

Articles: Banksy’s Identity for Sale on eBay via Geek0System Nintendo 3DS New York Press Conference (via Otakus and Geeks) Angry Birds the Animated Series Coming Soon! (via GeekoSystem) 3DS graphics review (via GamesRadar) Top Five Movie Heroines: The Guys of BabbleOn 5 Weigh In (via Girls Are Geeks) Man Hospitalized after playing real life Frogger via Geeks Are Sexy Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in Nolan’s next Batman film via Gaming Angels Images (and more): C is for Chewie via Art Break God Save the Queen (or Princess) via Stormtrooper in Detention via Geeks are Sexy Throne of Games via Meme-Meme…

Five Sci-Fi/Children’s Books Mashups

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Dontcha just love mashups?! These are great, I especially love the Doctor Who/Seuss Mashup, it’s perfect! These are made by Caldwell Tanner, he does a lot of stuff for CollegeHumor which you can check out here and his own website I’ve also featured him quite a few times for Sunday Funnies, check them out here. [Source: CollegeHumor]

Girl Gone Geeks Guide to Holiday Gifts

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Still looking for last-minute gifts for your favorite geek? Check out these previous posts I did featuring geek related jewelry, clothes, accessories, electronics, etc. Jewelry Keith Haring Jewelry by nOir Zombie JewelryGamer Jewelry- Controllers, Consoles and Cartridges Oh My! (Part 1)Gamer Jewelry- Nintendo, 8bit and Old School (Part 2)Gamer Jewelry (Part 3)  Book Lover Jewelry (I got one!) Apparel & Accessories Garter’s for Geeks Chic and Sexy Fangirl Corsets Novel-T Shirts for Book Lovers (I got one!) Zombie Apparel Star Wars Swimwear Other Zombie Pinup Calendar Geeky Soap Part 1 Geeky Soap Part 2 Geeky Soap Part 3 Geek Backpacks Crotched Cthulhu from Cthulhu Chick (I…