Sunday Funnies- Chibi Doctor Who & The Contest Winner!

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Congratulations Ruth Jimenez! I’ll be emailing you instructions on how to claim your prize from an item that’s in stock at Ian Leino’s shop. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s response to the question on their favorite science fiction film/TV show/ book/comic/etc. The most popular answers were Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Firefly, the Stargate’s and Doctor Who. Thank you everyone for entering the contest, hopefully I’ll be able to do giveaways more often! Series 6 of Doctor Who begins in a few days, so in preparation for new Who, today’s Sunday Funny is a super adorable comic made by Comic Who. I wish this is what…

Sunday Funnies- Death Note

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With all this Death-Note-live-action-American-remake-Zac-Effon stuff going around it’s only right to have todays Sunday Funny Death Note comic. I originally saw it on my friends Tumblr Mist of the North Star. The comic is made by Giovanny Hernandez on Snafu Comics. Also my friend over at Otkaus & Geeks got me this super adorable L doll for Christmas. I welcomed him home with a cupcake! You know L loves his sweets!