Picture of the Week- Who Watches the Empire?

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Jonah Block created this great mashup of Star Wars and Watchmen. This was featured on Tee Fury a few weeks ago, but fear not, you can buy prints, skins and shirts with the artwork here on Society 6. Check out his website Amateurish at Best for other great art! His Deviant Art gallery Biotwist Jonah’s profile on Tee Fury and past shirt designs Facebook: The Art of Jonah Block Some more of Jonah’s art that I like: Minimalist Doctor Who (prints, skins and shirts available here) “Fighting evil by moonlight” Sailor Moon Head [Source: Threadless] The Son of Manio [Source: Threadless]…

Video Games vs. Real Life

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Aled Lewis (Fatheed on Flickr) transported your favorite old school video game characters into the real world in some impressive photo manipulations. I get a special kind of nostalgia whenever I see old school video game characters. Chris Hardwick wore his Doctor Who/Back to the Future shirt on The Late Late Show! Check our his Flickr and website AledLews.com he also has a bunch of other great geek related art. (All titles and text below are from Aled’s Flickr) Gorilla In The Mist aka: Kong of the Jungle. The reason he was so mixed up was because he was missing home….

Sunday Funnies (10/24)

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I’m back everyone from the beautiful Cayman Islands.   Did you miss me?!  Well I sure missed you!  If you were wondering why I didn’t have any posts this week it’s because I was on a little vacation, I twitpiced a few pictures of it.  Well paradise is lost again and it’s back to reality and of course back to my blog! Enjoy this weeks Sunday Funny, this one I literally LOL’ed. Having the Blue Shell/Spiny Shell in Mario Kart made me feel like God! Girls this one is for you! Here’s what Dueling Analogs had to say about this comic,…

Painted Video Game Consoles

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Check out these cool painted video game consoles.  I first saw these on Girls are Geek in their Link of the Week post.  They are originally from Buzzfeed I included my favorites below (there’s 25 total on Buzzfeed).

Tattoo Tuesday (9/14)- Happy 25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros.

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Yesterday was Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary!  So todays Tattoo Tuesday is dedicated to everyone’s favorite plumber and company.  As my brother once told me, “If you don’t like Nintendo [or Mario Bros.] you have no soul.”  Enjoy these Marioverse tattoos! Check out other Mario goodies I blogged about.  Read 25 facts about Super Mario Bros. here from the Guardian.    If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]gmail.com. [Majority of the tattoos came from Mario Mayhem Geeky TattoosHub PagesFlickrNerd Society]

Inglorious Plumbers

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Inglorious Basterds and Super Mario mashup trailer parody. Also check out their God of War Indie Movie Trailer, Dig Dug trailer parody and Maniac Mansion trailer parody. “NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!”