Super Mario Bros. Enemies Reimagined Straight From Your Nightmares

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I would think twice before stomping on that goomba! These Super Mario Bros. enemies look they belong in an entirely different game, maybe something the Umbrella Corporation created or a resident of Silent Hill. These darker takes on the baddies were made by Mike Puncekar.  If you like creepy things (and I know you do), check out these reimagined Pokemon (you probably don’t want to catch these). Click on images in gallery to enlarge. 

Picture of the Week- National Mario Kart League and Interview with the Artist Rodrigo Ferreira

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*Mario voice* “Here we go!” This weeks PotW is also the design for the week-long contest I’m having. To see how you can win visit the CONTEST post.  The NMKL (National Mario Kart League) design was created by Rodrigo Ferreira, which combines sports logo design with my all time favorite racing game Mario Kart ( which is also the only racing video game I like). I think the combination is perfect considering the intense competitiveness MK can bring out of a player and the ritual victory dances after a win which are reminiscent of end zone dances after an impressive touchdown. My brother and…

Picture of the Week- Pinup Video Game Girls and Interview with Artist Marques Cannon

Apparel Art Picture of the Week Videogames

I featured Marques Cannons Pin-Up Video Game Girls back in August 2010 before I started Picture of the Week and I knew that one day I’d have to bring them back and feature his Video Girls Series again because I loved them so much! Marques is also the first artist I interviewed for PotW and I hope to interview more of the artists I feature whenever possible. Kratos is definitely my favorite reinterpretation! 

Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/26)

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Images: Harry Potter Death Adventure Tee via Topless Robot Darth Buddha via Dracorubio DIMITRIS SAMARAS : « A LOVE SONG FOR JABBA THE HUTT » via Geek-Art Someone Writes the Entire First Chapter of Harry Potter on a Bathroom Stall via GeekoSystem Harry And Dobbs: It’s A Magical World via Culture Popped Keeping Up With The Cardassians via Culture Popped The Weekly IRL Hittin’ The Streets (8 Pictures total) via Dorkly Dan Hipp via Geek-Art Epic The Legend of Zelda Picture via Geek-Art Articles: Doctor Who: Worlds of TimeFree-To-Play MMO Will EXTERMINATE Your Leisure Time via GeekoSystem Gaming Angels at NY Toy Fair 2011 Smithsonian Wants Your…

Picture of the Week- 8-Bitscapes

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Geek-Art, my go-to for all things amazing, featured work from photographer Kevin Rozario Johnson and illustrator Jamie Sneddon. Johnson and Sneddon combined their forces and produced these truly spectacular series of 8-bitscapes. More about 8-bitscapes from the artists: “8-bitscapes is a concept created by artist & illustratorJamie Sneddon & photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson. For their first 8-bitscapes exhibition, they have brought together their two disciplines to create this stunning series of works. With a ‘giant nod’ towards the world of 8-bit gaming, the artists have produced a series of 8, strictly limited edition prints. These thought provoking images re-imagine well loved, iconic…

Picture of the Week- Abstract Street Fighter Art

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I love minimalist art and did a few posts in the past but this Street Fighter rendition takes it to a different level.   This is made by Infinite Continues check out their Flickr for more cool minimalist art.  He also did a Turbo Street Fighter version and Mortal Kombat. They are also available as t-shirts here.  It’s even better if you recognize them all [Source]

Pin-Up Video Game Girls

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I love these!!! Marques Cannon (aka GuitarAtomik on DeviantArt) has created this Video Girls series based on video game characters reinterpreted as women.  Which one is your fav? Kratos from God of War Okami (yes he knows she was already female) Mario & Luigi Mario Mega (Wo)Man Katamari Damacy Dante from Devil May Cry Sonic