Winner of the X-Men Nagel-Inspired Shirts from!

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The winner for ‘X-Men 80′s Patrick Nagel Designs’ is Heather aka @ZombiEdward! I loved reading everyone’s “If I were a mutant…” response on Twitter, Facebook and the blog post. Thanks to everyone to entered the contest and a HUGE thanks to Mighty Fine for sponsoring this contest.  Check out Mighty Fines on:  –    – Facebook Page  – Twitter @welovefinetees   – Tumblr  Congratulations again Heather/@ZombiEdward! She won because not only did she explain what her mutant power would be, but described her impressive costume too! I know who I’m siding with when the mutant war erupts. Check out her answer:  “I already have my answer for this (thanks to…

Picture of the Week and Contest- X-Men 80’s Patrick Nagel Designs

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I bet you thought this post would come with leg warmers and shoulder pads, nope! Just totally gnarly X-Men apparel from Mighty Fine ( from their 80’s Art Fashion Series. These bodacious X-Men babes are inspired by the 1980’s minimalistic illustration style of Patrick Nagel. The day I discovered was the same day I ordered a Storm Nagel-inspired shirt (and Phoenix for a friend’s birthday gift). The icing on the cake was when I received my package in the mail and not only did I get my shirts but also they threw in some great Mighty Fine swag. It included a big bag with Hello Kitty on one…

Happy 4th of July from Jubilee!


Jubilee is the unofficial spokesperson of the Fourth of July (in my opinion).  Why?  Well because she shoots fireworks from her hands of course!  On behalf of Jubilee I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Independence Day. Leave the fireworks to Jubilee and the professionals we don’t want any missing limbs!  Take a stroll down memory lane with me:

Picture of the Week- X-Muppets and Interview with the Artist Rahzzah

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Everyone loves a mashup! Not one, but two of your favorite things in one brilliant package. The doubly amazing X-Muppets made by the talented Rahzzah is no different. I was buzzing with nostalgia at seeing Jim Henson’s muppets all X-Men’ed out. Rahzzah couldn’t have picked better muppets to represent these mutants, with Animal as Wolverine and Beaker as Cyclops it’s as if they were meant for this mashup! Check out Rahzzah’s Deviant Art for more of his art work and interview and gallery below.

X-Men: First Class Spoiler Free Review

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The X-Men trilogy was plagued with the ever so common trilogy disease where it starts off good and ends tragically (Spiderman I’m looking at you). I’ve done a good job at blocking X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine from my memory and I’d like to keep it that way. Thankfully, X-Men: First Class was actually good! Back when the rumors about First Class started coming out my expectations were pretty low. Now I’m not an X-Men expert at all, but I knew enough to know that this “origin story” was a bit off… really off.  First Class? As in…

Weekly Links- Articles, Images, Video and More! (1/22)

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Articles: Banksy’s Identity for Sale on eBay via Geek0System Nintendo 3DS New York Press Conference (via Otakus and Geeks) Angry Birds the Animated Series Coming Soon! (via GeekoSystem) 3DS graphics review (via GamesRadar) Top Five Movie Heroines: The Guys of BabbleOn 5 Weigh In (via Girls Are Geeks) Man Hospitalized after playing real life Frogger via Geeks Are Sexy Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in Nolan’s next Batman film via Gaming Angels Images (and more): C is for Chewie via Art Break God Save the Queen (or Princess) via Stormtrooper in Detention via Geeks are Sexy Throne of Games via Meme-Meme…

Picture of the Week (9/13)- X-Babies


These baby mutants are adorable!  But if I was asked to babysit for them I’d politely decline. My friend told me that in writer Gregg Schigiel and artist Jacob Chabot did a 4 issue mini series of X-Babies that is a reimagining (and much younger) version of the Mojo created X-Babies here. [Source Suga Esta Borracho]

Chic and Sexy Fangirl Corsets

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Fangirls do you find yourself wondering what sexy geekery you can wear to the next Con, Halloween, party, or just to the supermarket (if that’s how you roll)?  Well look no further! ***click on images for links*** Evening Arwen– The sexy and chic Star Wars and Star Trek corsets below were custom-made by Evening Arwen.  They can make you a custom corset too!  Wallets be warned they are all over $200. The Vintage Doctor– The corsets below are made by The Vintage Doctor and she does custom work.  These are also pricey and run well over $200.  There are Sonic, Harry…