Weekly Links-Roundup of Awesome Articles, Images and Videos (2/26)

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Images: Harry Potter Death Adventure Tee via Topless Robot Darth Buddha via Dracorubio DIMITRIS SAMARAS : « A LOVE SONG FOR JABBA THE HUTT » via Geek-Art Someone Writes the Entire First Chapter of Harry Potter on a Bathroom Stall via GeekoSystem Harry And Dobbs: It’s A Magical World via Culture Popped Keeping Up With The Cardassians via Culture Popped The Weekly IRL Hittin’ The Streets (8 Pictures total) via Dorkly Dan Hipp via Geek-Art Epic The Legend of Zelda Picture via Geek-Art Articles: Doctor Who: Worlds of TimeFree-To-Play MMO Will EXTERMINATE Your Leisure Time via GeekoSystem Gaming Angels at NY Toy Fair 2011 Smithsonian Wants Your…

Painted Video Game Consoles

Art Videogames

Check out these cool painted video game consoles.  I first saw these on Girls are Geek in their Link of the Week post.  They are originally from Buzzfeed I included my favorites below (there’s 25 total on Buzzfeed).

Sci-fi, Video Game, & Star Wars Burlesque Show

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The Devil’s Playground Ladies in LA bring us yet another geek infused Burlesque Show, this time it’s your favorite Sci-Fi women.  They previously did a Star Wars show and Video Game girls show, which are also in the gallery.  I hope they do anime girls next (Faye Valentine I’m looking at you!).  And how about a male version for us geek girls?! “Ever wanted to see Pris from Blade Runner do a strip tease? Devil’s Playground returned to Bordello for its monthly burlesque and cabaret show, this time with Ladies of Sci-Fi Burlesque, featuring characters inspired by Pris from Blade…

Chic and Sexy Fangirl Corsets

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Fangirls do you find yourself wondering what sexy geekery you can wear to the next Con, Halloween, party, or just to the supermarket (if that’s how you roll)?  Well look no further! ***click on images for links*** Evening Arwen– The sexy and chic Star Wars and Star Trek corsets below were custom-made by Evening Arwen.  They can make you a custom corset too!  Wallets be warned they are all over $200. The Vintage Doctor– The corsets below are made by The Vintage Doctor and she does custom work.  These are also pricey and run well over $200.  There are Sonic, Harry…

E3 2010 Part 2- Nintendo World Domination


Nintendo clearly triumphed at E3 this year.  The Kinect (previously Project Natal) is cool and all and no one really seems to care about the PlayStation Move much.  But we already knew about both of them so all they did at E3 was show us some gameplay. There were rumors about Nintendo developing a 3DS so (no surprise there), BUT what did get me in a frenzy was the incredibly amazing list of 3DS games.  The release date is up in the air because these guys just can’t seem to get it right.  First it was announced to be released March…

Gamer Jewelry- Nintendo, 8-bit and Old School (Part 2)

Jewelry Videogames

Here goes part deux of the Gamer Jewelry series. This is one of the many parts of a long series of Nerdy Jewelry I will be doing because I am a girl and I like jewelry and also happen to like nerdy things as well. So this is a way to combine the two… kind of like a blog version of an attack combo WATA! Oh BTW… You’ll see a lot of 8-bit jewelry… this is not only because I think it’s cool but also because of the overwhelming nostalgia I get from anything and everything 8-bit.  You’ll also see a…

When Video Game Characters do the Internets

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Here’s some funny pics from College Humor giving our favorite video game characters a twitter and facebook. Here we go! *Mario voice* Facebook status updates: Twitter! These aren’t real twitter accounts unfortunately.  If you know any game characters who have a twitter (i.e. some über-fan doing a really good job at pretending to be them) post it in the comments section! BTW follow me @missyjay #shamelessplug